Vintage Crochet Face Scrubbies

Vintage Crochet Face Scrubbies

7,50 €Prix

A set of 2 vintage crochet face Scrubbies

Handmade with soft cotton yarn & pearl cotton yarn. 100% cotton & mercerised cotton

7 cm of cuteness and romanticness.

100% reusable. Washable in maschine at 40 degrees. The pads can be put in special pouche to not loose them into the drum of the washing machine. Like any natural material, cotton crochet face scrubbies will reach their maximum absorbency after a few washes

Eco friendly, saving money and the amount of your garbage being thrown away.

Crochet face scrubbies replace classic disposable cotton pads.

Can be use for wash makeup, wash your face, wipe the skin with lotions, soap or only water.

For one person, approximately 15 - 20 reuseable crochet face scrubbies are enough (it depends your routine).



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